Best Whole House Reverse Osmosis System in 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Buy Reverse Osmosis System for Whole House

The whole house filter system is a choice for every individual to enjoy the purified water in their whole house. I have researched more than 15 products, presenting the best whole house reverse osmosis system with the best features. I have reviewed more than 15 products, and I have presented the best whole house reverse osmosis in 2023 to solve the impure water problems.

The unclean water is damaging to health and requires serious steps for filtering the water. The majority of the homeowners are sick of buying bottled bottles due to the high maintenance, and they cost a lot of money. Instead of rushing to the mart to carry a water supply, installing a water filter is easy. Another advantage of having a water filter installed is the 24/7 clean water supply for the whole house. Despite the fact, many individuals are unaware that the whole house reverse osmosis system saves 30% money compared to bottled water.

Do the whole house RO System requires extra space for installation?

The General whole house RO system works effectively to provide clean water for drinking purposes but it requires a bit extra space than the countertop water filters. I have generally seen the water filters attached to the point of entry of water to the kitchen area. The large space will don’t cause you serious concern as long you keep drinking clean water.

Overview of Features

The following table will give you an overview of the key features of the popular whole-house water filter brands and make an easier choice for selecting the best whole-house RO system in 2023.

BrandFilteration TechnologyFilter StagesCapacityWater Tank BoosterPump
ExpresswaterReverse Osmosis, UV Filtration114 GallonTank Included No Pump
iSpringReverse Osmosis, UV Filtration7100 GallonsTank IncludedPump Included
iSpringReverse Osmosis, Carbon Filter5300 GallonsTanklessPump Included
iSpringReverse Osmosis, Activated Charcoal5500 GallonsTanklessPump Included
WaterdropReverse Osmosis, Carbon Filter7400 GallonsTanklessNo Pump
Crystal questReverse Osmosis5300 GallonsTanklessPump Included

Best Whole house reverse osmosis system 2021

Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Express Water Whole house RO system FEATURES: UV filter, alkaline water, permeate pump for fast water flow and low maintenance
Benefits: Mineral Water Quality, easy to install, 11 layers of filtration stages
Check Price
backpac iSpring RCC1UP Alkaline RO system FEATURES: 7 stages of filtration, an alkaline filter, and easy to install
Benefits: Filtration accuracy of 99.99%, low maintenance, and bottled quality water
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iSpring RCB3P Commercial RO system for the whole house
Features: 5 stage water filter, competitive pricing, 300 GPD, and long filter life
Benefits: Maximum water purification guaranteed, best for commercial and low maintenance
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backpac iSpring RCS5T Commercial RO system Features: 5 stages of filtration, faster water flow rate. unique design and large capacity
Benefits: Ideal for business, fast water flow rate, great quality water with superb taste
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backpac Waterdrop Tankless Revere Osmosis System for the whole house Features: Certified for TDS reduction, 400 GPD, and Tankless Design
Benefits: Best Design, TDS free water, fast flow of water, easy maintenance and installation
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cordlessblower Crystal Quest 1500 GPD RO System Features: 1500 GPD, permeate pump, and long-lasting parts
Benefits: Best of large organizations, low maintenance, and durable parts
Buy from Crystal Quest

Best UV Filter

Express Water Whole house RO water system

Express Water ROALKUV10M 11 stage water filter
  • 11 stages of water filter
  • Alkaline water with all vital minerals
  • Easy to install with leak detection technology
  • The fast Flow rate of water
Certifed Pick

iSpring 7 stage whole house water system

iSpring RCC1UP AK 7 Stage Reverse Osmosis System for the whole house
  • NSF and ANSI certified for water free of lead
  • Removes 99.99% of contaminants
  • Booster pump for fast water flow
  • Healthier and pure drinking water with quality customer support for help
Best Commercial

ispring RCB3P reverse osmosis system

iSpring RCB3P Commercial RO system
  • Best For commercial purposes
  • 5 Water filtration Stages
  • Long lifetime of water filters
  • Unique Design with affordable pricing

Reviews of the Best Whole House Reverse Osmosis (RO) System 2023

Express Water 11 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Best UV System
Express Water 11 Stage Whole House RO system

Express Water 11 Stage Whole House Reverse Osmosis Water Filters


  • Color: White
  • Brand: Express Water
  • Item Dimensions: 15 x 14 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 0.22 Pounds

With Express water 11 stages the whole house reverse osmosis system gets purified and clean water for drinking and cooking purposes.


Undoubtedly the Expresswater ROALKUV10M is one of the best reverse osmosis filter systems that facilitate the removal of 99% of toxic substances from water. The 11 stage Expresswater RO system purifies the water and adds back vital minerals to the drinking water. Water quality is our focus towards better health because dirty water is the root cause of many diseases. Express water UV reverse osmosis system is a complete package for your whole house.

Different options can be opted to solve the water problem, but the perfect solution is to install the best reverse osmosis system. 

Expresswater whole house RO System

Alkaline Water

Express Water ROALKUV10M is the best source of mineral water. The RO membrane in 80% of the reverse osmosis system filters TDS, including beneficial and hazardous matter. The unique remineralization filter then adds back the health-benefiting minerals before the water reaches the faucet. The water you get is of pure mineral grade drinking water

11 Stages of Water Purification

In the recent past, boiling unclean water was a great option, but recent studies reveal that many hazardous organisms and chemicals can survive high temperatures. The express water advanced 11 stage water purifier is a perfect solution if your tap water is unclean or dirty. The Revere Osmosis membrane is an integral part of these 11 stages because it can filter the contaminant of the size of 0.0001 microns, and UV light kills the traces of microorganisms.

The filtered water received in the faucet is free of all the unwanted toxic chemicals and pathogens. The initial three stages include the sediment filter, carbon block, and granular activated charcoals for removing dust, rust, sand particles, odor, bad taste, chloramines, and VOC. The fourth is the RO membrane. In the 5th to 9th filter important minerals, oxygen and antioxidants are added to your water. The 10th is the UV filter, and the 11th stage is the Post Activated Carbon for polishing.

Easy To Install

Express Water ROALKUV10M is not a complex water system to install with simple installation steps to follow. A very little plumbing expertise is required for installing a 10 stage water filter. A perfect filter solution with permanent clean drinking water, easy to install. The labelings on the various filter parts give you more ease towards installing the whole house reverse osmosis system for clean drinking water.

Leak Detection

Are you worried about the fear of leakage of your water filter? The express water 11 stage water purifier is one of the best RO systems for the whole house with multiple functionalities. Although the product is tested rigorously in the laboratory and there are minimal chances of leakage of water. If you didn’t connect your filter with the faucet, the advanced leak detection technology gives you an indication to do a water leakage check.

Double Sealed Filters

The express water RO systems are designed to give you ease and a seamless, clean water supply for better health. All filters used are double sealed, making your kitchen an ideal place for great taste water.

Complete Package

Do I need to buy an extra Quick Connect Adaptor? No, because the brass feed adaptor and quick-connect adaptor are in the box, so you don’t need to buy anything extra. The price you pay for water quality in buying express water reverse osmosis system is enough for the safety and health of your family well beings.

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance and filter replacement is quite easy. Nothing before plumbing expertise is required for changing the filters. The labels are well marked on the parts, giving you the liberty to save the cost of a professional plumber with easy maintenance.

Fast Water Flow Rate

 Water Flow rate is not fast in most reverse osmosis water filters, but in Express Water ROALKUV10M, water is filtered at a fast pace. You can get clean and safe water for cooking and drinking in a minimal time.

  • Easy installation and easy to change filters, very low maintenance cost 
  • 11 layers of protection to filter all the impurities present in your tap water
  • Leak Detection Technology struck a disk to discontinue water flow 
  • Fast water flow and long filter life 
  • Very Responsive Customer Support
  • Leakage might be an issue if you try to install yourself
  • Some parts of the system might be refurbished

iSpring RCC1UP-AK 7 stage Whole House RO Systems

Best Alkaline
iSpring 7 Stage Reverse Osmosis System for whole house

iSpring RCC1UP-AK 7 Stage Whole House Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems


  • Color: White
  • Brand: iSpring
  • Item Dimensions: 15.35 x 9.06 x 18.11 inches
  • Weight: 16 Kilograms

Enjoy the purified water with Spring 7 Stage RO System with improved taste and minerals for better health

Water contaminants are a serious threat to the health and life of humans. The research shows there are 50% of diseases are involved due to drinking polluted water. The iSpring RCC1UP-AK is a trustworthy name in filtration technologies because it protects us from drinking polluted water through 7 layers of protection. The RCC1UP-AK can remove 1000 contaminants and pathogens, including dust, rust, pathogenic viruses and bacteria, arsenic, asbestos, chlorine, hormones, fluoride, lead, mercury, sodium, and more. It is brought by the European style nickel faucet, easy to install, and the flow rate is quite good.


7 Stages of Fiterations
The Ispring RCC1UP-AK uses 7 stages of filtration protection, including pre sediment filter, RO membrane, Granular Activated Charcoal (GAC), and Remineralization filters. The water produced is safe, healthy and it tastes and smells well. The UV filter is an additional protection layer making it impossible for the chemicals and germs to enter your glass of water. The 7 water filter stages not only ensure supreme quality drinking water but make it healthier for human consumption. 70% of prokaryotic cell contains liquid media and 90% of fluids in a cell is water. Thus drinking impure water causes serious health risks

Filteration Accuracy
The RCC1UP-AK achieves the 99.99% of purification accuracy with the ability to constrain more than 1000 contaminants from your municipal or well water. The Reverse osmosis membrane filter can constrain the contaminant of the size of 0.0001 microns.

Easy to Install
The installation of RCC1UP-AK is simple and easy. A common homemaker can change the filters after the recommended time on her own without spending money on hiring a professional plumber.

Certifications from NSF and ANSI
The NSF and ANSI certified the product, and it passed the NSF ANSI 58 Standard for the Reverse Osmosis RO membrane.

Booster Pump For Rapid Flow of Water
It looks very odd to stay in front of your faucet and waiting for the water to come. The booster pump is included inside the iSpring RCC1UP-AK allowing water to flow at a rapid pace.

  • 7 multiple layers including RO membrane to protect against water impurities
  • A water booster pump is included for rapid flow of water
  • Easy Installation, Quality Customer Support 
  • European styled brushed nickel faucet
  • The Pre Sediment and Carbon Block filter increases the life span of the RO membrane
  • Some parts are not correct as the user manual indicates metal but in actuality, they are of plastic 
  • The user manual is not comprehensive enough

iSpring RCB3P Fast Flow Rate Reverse Osmosis System

Best Commercial
iSpring RCB3P RO system for home use

iSpring RCB3P Reverse Osmosis For Home Use


  • Color: White and Blue
  • Brand: iSpring
  • Item Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 30 inches
  • Weight: 52 Pounds

The spring RCB3P is a very ideal filter option for home use. 

The only feature we all look at in the water filter for large businesses, including schools, restaurants, firms, and offices, is the constant supply of pure drinking water. The RCB3P is your ideal filtration because it produces 300 Gallons of Safe drinking water in a single day. The iSpring RCB3P removes 99% of the contaminants due to the 5 stages of water purification, including the sediment filter. Carbon block, GAC. RO membrane and Activated Charcoal. The RCB3P is considered the best whole house filtration system due to the high efficient triplicate 100 GPD RO membranes. The system is ideal for large families, restaurants, salons, and other semi-commercial institutes. The high-pressure booster pump facilitates the rapid flow of water, and the pressure gauge helps achieve the pressure under subtle optimal conditions.


300 Gallons Per Day

The RCB3P consists of 3 RO membranes, each having the potential of 100 GPD allowing 300 Gallons of pure drinking water. The RO filters are popular due to the 0.0001-micron removal of dust, rust, and hazardous chemicals.

5 Stage Filters

The RCB3P is a 5 stage filter system with the most powerful filter includes the Reverse Osmosis or RO membrane. The different filtration layers achieve 99% accuracy to produce a constant supply of clean and tasty drinking water.

The lifetime of the Filters

A consumer will be super mad when he has to change the filters of their water device frequently. We all switched towards the filter system from bottled water due to the constant buying of the bottles. The RCB3P filters allow you to purify 30,000 gallons of water with initial filters.

Competitive Pricing and Unique Design

The iSpring RCB3P is very competitive compared with the other available variant in the market. The design is unique and impressive. The storage tank is not available at this price. You need to buy it additionally for storage of water.

Booster Pump for the fast flow

The filtration system has a booster pump in it for rapid water flow. The pressure gauge  recommends the normal pressure for smooth flow through the fittings

  • Long filters lifetime with less maintenance
  • Easy Installation and clear instructions
  • 300 Gallons of clean water per day 
  • 5 stage water filtration technology
  • Best for commercial purposes
  • Some issues with the fittings need to buy more
  • No Water leakage detection technology is available

iSpring RCS5T Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

Best Fast Flow
Spring RCS5T Commercial Revese Osmosis System

iSpring RCS5T commercial RO system 


  • Color: White and Transparent
  • Brand: iSpring
  • Item Dimensions: 14 x 11 x 18 inches
  • Weight: 32.6 pounds

iSpring RCS5T is one of the best whole house Reverse Osmosis systems designed for water purification. If your tap water is unclean consider buying this RO system due to 5 stage water purification stages

The iSpring RCS5T is designed specifically for small businesses, large families, and restaurants to meet the water needs for their routine life. The 1:1 drain ratio is an exceptional feature with a reverse osmosis membrane to minimize the risk of different chemicals and pathogens. The i

spring RCS5T is a 5 stage RO filter system with the ability to produce 500 gallons of water in a single day.
The iSpring RCS5T is one of the best whole houses reverse osmosis systems that meet produce pure drinking water filtering dust, sand, sediments, chorines, fluorides, heavy metals, pathogens, viruses, etc. The system is manufactured with an inbuilt booster pump so that the water will be available at a faster flow rate (35 PSI).


The iSpring RCS5T is one of the unique filtration systems offering a dual flow rate. The function of the dual flow is achieved by the double membrane allowing the wastewater ratio of 1:1

Powerful Booster Pump
The flow rate of iSpring RCS5T is faster compared to the other available options in the market. The slow flow rate of any filtration system is problematic for a large group of people. The RCS5T is reliable filtration equipment because water is supplied at a faster pace. The extremely reliable and powerful booster pump helps to draw the water through your facet in seconds.

Unique Design and Large Capacity
The tankless design is attractive for many household owners. The iSpring RCS5T has a capacity to produce 500 Gallons per day, meeting the needs of saloons, restaurants, offices, study groups, and large families. The design is sleek, modern, and fascinating for the users.

Five Stages of Filteration Systems
The five stages of water filtration are one of the best features of RCS5T, facilitating the production of water without any harmful substances.

  • Dual Flow Rate of water with less water wasted during filtration
  • Suitable for commercial organizations and offices
  • Booster Pump Included for fast water flow
  • Large Capacity of water storage
  • Draw water from both sides
  • The booster pump is a bit noisy for fast water flow
  • You need to buy some fittings for installation

Waterdrop WD-G3-W Tankless Reverse Osmosis System

Best Design
Waterdrop Tankless Reverse Osmosis system for whole house

Waterdrop Tankless Reverse Osmosis System for Whole House


  • Color: White
  • Brand: Waterdrop
  • Item Dimensions: 18.06 x 5.68 x 17.76 inches
  • Weight: 31 Pounds

Waterdrop Tankless reverse osmosis system designed to meet daily water needs for the whole house. 

Waterdrop WD-G3-W is an NSF certified for maximum TDS reduction reverse osmosis system with an elegant and attractive design. The daily water filtration capacity of WD-G3-W is 400 Gallons per day. RO membrane can filter the possible, solid, or chemical of the size of 0.0001 microns.

Installation is quite easy, and the RO system comes with a compact and beautiful design.

400 Gallons Per Day

Though many options are available to filter out the unwanted materials from water for large families, preference is given to waterdrop WD-G3-W. We can’t imagine life without water because water is life. A waterdrop RO water filter can fulfill the large organization or big family’s water needs. The daily water purification capacity is 400 Gallons a day.

Fast Flow Rate

A major drawback of RO water filters is the slow flow rate. After purchasing of Reverse Osmosis system, you need to buy a booster pump because you can’t waste your time waiting for clean water. The WD-G3-W has a built-in booster pump, so there is no worry about the slow flow rate of water from the RO filter.  You can enjoy the fresh taste of water within seconds with a 99% purification guarantee.

NSF certified

The Waterdrop WD-G3-W is NSF 58 certified with assured of maximum TDS reduction. NSF is a third-party validation that certified only those products that pass the difficult and standard barriers. The NSF58 is certified only to those devices that reduce TDS completely. TDS refers to the total suspended or dissolved particles present in water invisible to the human eye, and a small filter cannot find them. The RO membrane with 0.0001-micron efficiency will ensure the passage of only water molecules through them.

Less Water Waste

A major drawback we all face by using RO water is the maximum water wastage. The natural resources are scared, and emphasis is given to the conservation of the natural resources. Unlike the other RO filters wasting 5 gallons for one clean gallon of water, Waterdrop G3 is a 1:1 drain ratio.

Tankless Design

The design of the Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis system is sleek and tankless. It gives a promising look to your kitchen.

  • Very little wastage of water 
  • Sleek and Innovative design
  • Faster Water flow rate
  • NSF Certified for TDS reduction
  • 400 GPD meeting needs of large families
  • Require 30-45 minutes of initial flushing at the time of installation
  • You may need to buy a subscription to buying replacement filters

Crystal Quest 1500 GPD Whole House Revers Osmosis system

Best For Large Organizations
Crystal Quest Whole House Reveres Osmosis System

Crystal Quest 1500 GPD Whole House RO system


  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Crystal Quest
  • Weight: 160 pounds

Crystal Quest 1500 GPD is one of the best whole house reverse osmosis systems with a large tank and long-lasting parts. 

A crystal quest 1500 Gallons Per day is a great choice for a whole-house reverse osmosis system. It meets the water needs of the big houses and small commercial entities such as offices, restaurants, schools, and organizations that can also get clean water.

1 filtered water gallon is obtained with the waste of 2 gallons with a 1:3 ratio of water wastage

Long-lasting Parts

A water filter with durable and long-lasting parts is considered to be good. In fact, if your water filter parts require frequent maintenance, then you need to invest both time and money for repairs. Not all RO filters have one year warranty, so do a comprehensive research before buying a new Reveres Osmosis System for your family. 

Water Reservoir 

A big tank or water reservoir is an important factor for considering the whole house’s RO water filter. In the absence of power, constant clean water is available for your whole house because of the storage tank. Generally, most products come without a water storage tank, but some water filter manufacturers have a storage tank included with the water filter. Crystal Quest with 1500 Storage potential gives you an added benefit to enjoy safe and clean water for drinking purposes. 

Water Pump

A reverse osmosis system filters water slowly, and you have to wait considerably for the clean water to come. Crystal Quest solves this hurdle by having the permeate pump with the water filter creating the pressure for quick release of water.

Easy Maintenance 

The Crystal Quest Whole house RO water filter is easy to maintain with quick installation and simple to change water filters. The step-by-step instruction on the user manual helps you to change the water filter with zero TDS.

Space-Saving Design

The crystal quest whole house reverses osmosis system is a compact and space-saving RO system. You don’t need to worry if your kitchen doesn’t have much space as it requires comparatively low space.

  • Best For large commercial entities
  • 1500 Gallons Per Day clean water for drinking
  • Long-Lasting Parts with a little maintenance
  • Water Pump for quick water flow
  • High-Quality RO membrane
  • New Brand, not enough testing occurred
  • Required some space for tank storage

Buying Guide for the Best Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

Things to consider while buying a Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

Water Capacity

The capacity to store purified water is the obvious aspect while buying a reverse osmosis system for the whole house. It is estimated that a single-member family consumes an average of 50-80 gallons of water daily, with 5 members family require 500 clean water for their daily use. 

Filtration Stages

The pretreatment of water increases the efficiency of the RO membrane, so multiple stages of water filtration are helpful to roll out the maximum impurities from the water. A combination of 3stage to 11 stage filter systems are available with RO membrane, effectively removing all the water impurities.

Installation and Maintenance

  You need to know about the Maintenance and installation steps of a water filter as. If changing the RO filter is simple and easy, it saves the cost of hiring a plumber. Some of the filters are very easy to install, requiring a simple tool and following the step-by-step guide in the user manual.  If the system is complex to install and requires the expertise of a professional plumber, it adds extra cost to your pocket. 

Design and Space

If your kitchen has very little space but the water coming to your faucet is unclean and smelly. It would be best to have a compact-sized water filter option to save space for your cutlery and cooking items. 

An important aspect of buying an RO system is the design and space because not everyone has a large space to install an RO water filter.

Customer Support

 What will be your response when you are stuck during changing the filter or didn’t install the RO system properly? Do you hire a professional plumber, or do you try to troubleshoot yourselves? You can contact customer support for your problem.

Customer support is a key factor to consider while buying a whole house reverse osmosis system. Customer support is helpful to answer all of your questions and queries regarding the water filter installation. 

Waste Water

Wastage of water is one of the big hindrances to considering a Reverse Osmosis system. A normal reverse osmosis system wastes 5 gallons of water to produce one gallon of clean water. But in the market, some devices are available that waste a very small amount of water, like one gallon wasting of water to produce one clean gallon of water.


The whole house reverse osmosis system provides endless drinking water needs without the hassle of carrying bottled water. The expresswater is the name of trust when it comes to water purification and exciting thing is that it contains minerals in it. Customer satisfaction makes Expresswater a reliable brand when we hear about the best whole house reverse osmosis system

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