Best Water Cooler Dispenser 2023 (Ultimate List and Guide)

Best Water Cooler Dispenser

If you want to stay healthier, one way is to drink plenty of water. The water dispensers are space-saving and a very affordable way to hydrate your body with refreshing water drinks. A recent study shows that those who stay hydrated have 13% more brain functioning and productivity. In my opinion, offices, organizations, and corporations need big-time water dispensers for their employees. In this article, I will discuss the best water cooler dispenser in 2023.

The water dispenser is an alternative to bottled water, and you can have both cool and hot water to drink in summer and winter. The water cooler dispenser is of various kinds, and each one has its pros and cons. In this guide, I will reveal the features of the top water dispensers in 2023. Let’s find out which one suits your daily water needs. The quality water dispenser has the following features we all consider before buying.

  • Hot and Cold Water
  • Safe For Children(Child Safety Lock)
  • Durable Material (BPA Free Plastics)
  • Sleek and Modern Design

Types of Water Dispensers 

The water cooler dispenser of the different kinds depends upon the user’s or the household’s needs. The three main categories of the water coolers are the top-loading, bottom loading, and countertop water dispensers

Top Loading Water Dispensers 

The top-loading water dispenser is the traditional water cooler and in fact, they require some force to put the bottle on the top. The top-loading water coolers get the water definitely from the bottle fitted on top of it.

Bottom Loading Water Coolers 

The bottom loading water coolers have a water bottle at the bottom and are way easier and more convenient. The bottom loading water coolers are undoubtedly popular among the masses due to the ease to place the water bottle.

Countertop Water Cooler Dispensers

The countertop water cooler dispenser is usually bottle-less and has water from the faucet. The countertop water dispenser requires no extra space for installation

Brio 3 Temperature Water Dispenser

The first pick for the water dispenser is the brio bottom-loading bottled water dispenser. The public’s love for the water cooler is primarily increased because it has all the necessary features a user is looking for in a water dispenser.

The Brio Moderna water dispenser is effective with the automatic self-cleaning service, and you don’t burden your mind with the concerns of water impurity. The taste of the water will be better when you pour a glass of water from the brio three temperature water cooler.

The design of the brio water cooler is very trendy and modern, and it fits easily on your kitchen top or your living room. Most households don’t like the bottle at the top loading state and prefer the bottom loading water dispenser due to its ease to set up.

The brio water dispenser has three temperature ranges, and each one is for the user to have either a cup of coffee, tea, or cool water to drink. Using the brio water dispenser is very convenient instead of getting water from the faucet.


  • The child safety lock for the hot water is not only loved by the parents, and the device is made protective of the boiling hot water
  • The build material of the brio water dispenser is of supreme quality, and none can match the quality of the product and long-lasting parts
  • Another exciting thing is that the ozone cleans the unwanted taste and odour, especially chlorine and other bad taste compounds
  • The lifting of a heavy bottle to fit a water dispenser ends as the bottom loading is effortless
  • The water comes in three temperature choices, and you can make coffee, tea, or other cereal with hot or cold water.


  • The automatic ozone cleaning is not recommended for the dirty water
  • The water you will have is about 5-7 gallons and is unfit for large organizations

Our Verdict

The water cleaning is not as satisfactory but works fine with the city water. The water cooler has some amazing features like the child lock and bottom loading. The water you will get is in three temperature ranges normal, hot, and cold.

Primo Top Loading Water Dispenser

Do you need water dispensers with a great design that fits perfectly on all surfaces, including under the sink or the countertop? The primo water cooler is a great choice? The fantastic thing about this machine is that it has a specific child protective water dispenser.

You can make effortlessly prepare your morning breakfast, including a bowl of cereal and a cup of sizzling hot tea, before leaving your home because the hot water from primo saves your time and effort.

The water is provided to the glass through your sprout before the 9 rigorous steps of water filtration, including reverse osmosis, UV filter, and other 7 stage water purifier. Clean drinking water is very helpful if you want to maintain a healthy life.


  • The water dispenser is UL certified and Energy Star Rated for great water to taste and better quality drinking water
  • The water has a chill, hot and cold range of temperature to fill the glass depending upon the requirement of the user
  • The stainless steel build quality ensures the Primo Water Cooler is among the reliable and long-lasting parts
  • If your water tastes bad or you don’t install the water filter, this primo is a real deal because of the top option for water filtration. You don’t have genuine concern about the bad taste compounds that cause your health disturbances


  • The led lights for the temperature scaler are smaller, and you have to watch before pouring the water
  • The dispenser is lightweight, but a taller person has to bend over for filling a glass of water

Our Verdict

The device has its merits and demerits, but the manufacturing material is seen. It is a good water cooler.  It is available for hot, cold, and chilling water. The one-year warranty offered by the dealers is a real deal because the user can trust the features due to this warranty. The water you get will be of great taste and free of smell.

Avalon A12 Bottle-less Water Cooler Dispenser

The fans of the bottled free water coolers will like the Avalon A12BLK stainless steel water cooler. The fantastic feature of this product is that you don’t have to carry a load of bottles and enjoy the water at any time. It is best fitted for homes and donates because everyone is cautious about their health.

You are relieved to hear that you don’t need to spend your money on bottled water, and instead, you can only get a device that fits your home. The design of the Avalon is fantastic, and it comes with three temperature ranges.

The water you drink is free of irritating taste and foul smell. If you love to have a sip of tea or Hungary with warm water, you can prepare tea or noodles in minutes.

The Avalon water dispenser is a spacious one, and you need some extra space to fit this excellent water cooler into your home. If your water has a chlorine smell and taste, don’t worry. The Avalon A12BLK not only removes unwanted taste or lousy odor compounds, and the water you drink will be of great taste and healthy.

If you are worried about installation problems, don’t worry. Easy the device in half an hour without any help and get your water needs in seconds.

The new  In fact, it is one of the low maintenance devices. the year 2023 resolution must be to remain as hydrated as you can, and our Avalon water dispenser not only solves your ongoing drinking requirements, and you can save extra bucks by not spending on the bottled water

Is it worth buying a water dispenser?

A water dispenser is an amazing machine we all have to drink water for staying healthy. If your water dispenser has both cool and hot water features then the amazing thing is no wasting of extra time in making coffee and tea.

Child safety for hot water is an excellent feature, and users can quickly get hot water for tea without fearing their kids’ safety. The automatic ozone filter not only removes germs, heavy metals, and other water pollutants. The best whole house reverse osmosis system perfectly provides clean drinking water without the hassle of getting bottled water.


  • The water cooler has three temperature choices, warm, normal, and cool
  • The build material of the Avalon water dispenser is of excellent quality, and it has long-lasting parts
  • The water filter is installed with an in-built ozone filter to cleanse your daily drinking water needs
  • 1500 gallons of water capacity not only is very affordable but with long-lasting parts


  • It is quite a heavy water dispenser, and you need to push it hard to change the position
  • You need to get an extended warranty for breakage or returning of the product
  • The noise of the water cooler is louder when you fill the water

our verdict

The Avalon A12 water dispenser is for offices and large households. The water capacity is 1500 gallons, and don’t is one of the best bottle-less remove water dispensers to get in 2023. On seeing the build quality, the stainless steel material ensures the long durable parts. You can get the water in 3 temperature ranges and choose your temperature, and water will come out from the selected spout.

Avalon A5 Stainless Steel Countertop Water Dispenser

The fascinating thing about this water cooler dispenser is that it is very slim and sleek and easily fits on the countertop. The water is very chilly during the summer, and you will get sizzling hot water in winter for instant coffee or tea. IF you are tired of carrying water bottles to meet your drinking water needs, you can stop this unnecessary job because the water from the Avalon A5 dispenser is a dispenser that works fine.

The water is cleaned with automatic ozone cleaning, and you will not be reluctant to the unfamiliar lousy odor and taste in your water. The ozone cleaning helps ensure the excellent taste compound, and the carbon block filter all the chlorine molecules, rust, and bacteria for the water to taste fresh and healthy.

The water purifier has a child safety lock that is safe for kids. The device has three varied temperature ranges to get water for the user’s needs, and this feature is missing in famous brands. Are you worried that the kids may harm them with the hot water?

The innovative leak detection technology makes this water cooler superior, and you won’t worry about wetting your floor or mats. The water filter installation is more effortless, and following the video procedures, you will have your water cooler fit and functional.


  • Kids protective child safety lock for the hot water
  • leak detection technology
  • Great design and sleek to fit on less space kitchen tops and under the sink
  • easy to set up and require no expertise to operate
  • No hassle to carry the bottled water


  • You need to get some parts to install it
  • It makes some noise while filling the glass

our verdict

You can rely on this water dispenser due to the fact it is tested for clean water and three temperature range. The water will remain fresh for a longer duration. The only drawback of this device is that it has a buzzing sound that irritates some users.

Brio Top Loading Water Dispenser

The brio water dispenser comes with a hot, cold, and room temperature range and is a very popular water dispenser machine. The fantastic thing homeowners love about this product is the protective child safety lock so no kid can harm the hot water.

The drip tray is made explicitly of BPA-free plastic, ensuring the outstanding quality of the device and the health of the household. You can clean the tray as it is very smooth to remove and put back after sanitizing.

The stainless steel container is very durable, and you can taste the refreshing water because of the built material. The water cooler needs an extra stand if you want it in your living room or bedroom unlike the best place is to install it on a countertop.

How long do water cooler dispensers last?

The answer to the age of the water cooler dispenser is quite tricky. In fact, some water cooler dispensers last 10-12 months and some products like Brio are durable to withstand 12-24 months. The age and durability of the water dispenser largely depend on usage and proper care.


  • Child safety lock
  • Three temperature range
  • Require little space to function
  • Removable drip tray
  • Great design and very durable material


  • The noise of the water cooler is somehow irritating
  • Water leakage crisis if bottled doesn’t fit well

our verdict

The space for glass is good. The material is stainless steel and requires very little maintenance. On the contrary, this is not suited for those with a water filter installed.

Buying Guide For the Best Water Cooler Dispenser 2023

Water Filteration

The first thing we need to consider while buying the water dispenser is the type of filtration. If the well water fulfils your water needs, you have to know about the quality of water you are drinking. Mostly the user getting their daily water from the city don’t have the hassle to install a whole house water filter because the water is already treated for dispenser impurities and heavy metals. The water dispenser has a carbon block, reverse osmosis, and UV radiation to remove water impurities.

After the water quality test, you will be better aware of the water dispenser option. Even though we have numerous models, it all depends on your requirements. You need to consider the water dispenser that fits your needs.

Cool and Warm features

Many water dispenser brands have warm and cool features because you need cool water in summer, and in winter, you love to drink warm water. If the water filter has the options, you need to consider these products because they are essential for all households. The water dispensers are definitely part of every household. You can drink plenty of water if you have a water cooler in your working space or living lounge.


Many water dispensers are attached directly to the water source, and they provide water for drinking with no maintenance. Affordability is a critical aspect of a water dispenser, and if you have already installed a water filter, your cost can be reduced by bottle-less water dispensers. While those water dispensers with a UV filter or reverse osmosis membrane are slightly more y costly than those without a specific water filter. 

Energy Saving

The purpose of getting a water dispenser is to remain hydrated without worrying about carrying expensive water bottles. Energy consumption is another good thing to consider when getting a water dispenser device. If your water dispenser requires a constant power source, your energy cost is increased while, on the other hand, some models don’t require a power source and save energy for the consumers. If your budget is limited or wanted to cut out some sort of expenses without risking the life of your customers, the water dispenser with energy-saving is your only option.

Bottled or No Bottled water dispensers

Some water dispensers have bottled, and some get water directly from the faucet of your kitchen. If your water is clean, you need a water dispenser without the bottle. Still, if on seeing the build quality. Then there are unclean substances in your water, you need a bottled water dispenser for your everyday water needs to ensure the well beings of your family. 


The easy installation and minimal quality maintenance are in fact the key aspects every household considers for their routine water needs. The water cooler needs extra care to operate and is high maintenance. Users avoid these appliances. On the other hand, those water dispensers that are efficient and don’t require expertise to set up and function very smoothly are very popular.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do water dispensers use a lot of electricity?

The Water cooler dispensers are built with modern technology and the famous Avalon and brio model are very energy efficient. The water coolers with an average consumption of energy are mentioned on the chart. The energy in kilowatt-hour of a water dispenser varies from 0.3 watts to 1.2 kWh per day. The cost of your water dispenser is around 1.5$ per month.

Should I turn off the water dispenser at the night?

If you are worried about more energy consumption of the water dispenser then you need to know about the average energy consumption of your system. the majority of the users don’t switch off their water cooler dispenser at night because they don’t consume much energy as compared with other appliances. If your water dispenser stays switched on for 24/7 hours then it cost around 1.5$ per month.

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