How To Get Rid Of Tannins In Water

how to get rid of tannins in drinking water water

Removing Tannins From Drinking Water Are you worried about the presence of yellowish color in your water source, or your water taste is awful and smells terrible, too? Then you must check the presence of tannins in your water source? Tannins give a yellowish appearance to the water and involve the staining of laundry and … Read more

Storing RO Water

storing reverse osmosis water

Why We should Store Reverse Osmosis Water Are you worried about storing Reverse Osmosis water because some RO systems produce water at a slow pace? Many alternative options are available for storing Reverse Osmosis Water, and the best one is to keep it in a closed water bottle. If your drinking water is not clean … Read more

The pH of Reverse Osmosis Water

ph of reverse osmosis water

The pH of reverse osmosis water is slightly acidic, ranging from pH 6.5-7. The water with a pH range of 6.0-7.0 is safe for drinking, and no health hazard is reported after drinking water with that pH range.  If you are suffering from acid reflux, you must know about the pH of the water you … Read more

The Cheapest Way To Remove Iron From Well Water

how to remove iron from well water

When present in an elevated concentration, iron turns your tanks, washbasins, and toilets to reddish stains and rusts. Undoubtedly, the extremely high concentration of iron is dangerous for individuals’ skin, hair, or health. Different methods involve removing iron from well water, including cheap natural processes and some expensive filtration equipment. In this article, I am … Read more

What is Reverse Osmosis Water?

what is reverse osmosis water

Ultimate Facts and Guidelines about RO Water RO water is generally the purified form of water obtained after filtration through a reverse osmosis system. In the reverse osmosis system, the core mechanism is the filtration of toxic chemicals like cadmium, mercury, lead, fluoride, rust, and dust particles from water by the use of a semi-permeable … Read more