Storing RO Water

Why We should Store Reverse Osmosis Water

Are you worried about storing Reverse Osmosis water because some RO systems produce water at a slow pace? Many alternative options are available for storing Reverse Osmosis Water, and the best one is to keep it in a closed water bottle. If your drinking water is not clean and you haven’t tested it, you may be prone to serious health hazards. The water problems are not for individuals and are a global issue, with 70% of the world population facing the unclean water crisis.

Why do you need to store Reverse Osmosis Water?

The reverse osmosis units are specifically designed to produce safe drinking water free of 90% of contaminants. The researchers have tested the RO systems, and the data reveals that more than 1000 contaminants, including toxic chemicals, pathogens, carcinogens, and heavy metals, are filtered by the RO units. The only drawback is that an RO system produces water at a languid pace. If you want to store the drinking water for the whole house, you need to keep it in a clean and closed container so that no foreign particles enter the clean drinking water.

storing ro water

Can distilled water grow bacteria?

This is a concerning question, and many homeowners and scientists ask me about any chance of the growth of bacteria in the distilled water. The answer is relatively straightforward the distilled water closed doesn’t allow bacteria to grow in them. Still, when you let the different bacterial colonies enter the distilled water, they find a growth opportunity. The other reason for bacterial failure to grow in distilled water is the lack of minerals. The distilled water is deficient in the optimal minerals and nutrients that are required by bacteria to grow. If you are curious about the taste of distilled water check a detailed section here because many people are searching about the taste and health risks of drinking distilled water.

How long do you store RO water?

The data revealed from research shows that Reverse Osmosis Filtered water can be stored for more than two years if kept in a closed container. Many consumers have installed the RO water filter with a wastewater ratio of 1:1, and purified water is obtained after a while. You can ideally store RO water for 30-90 days without affecting the integrity and water quality.

Is it safe to drink stored RO water?

It is very safe to store the RO water and the quality of stored water is the same as you are obtaining from the Reverse Osmosis system. If you want to check out which water filter is best for you we have a comprehensive guide on the Best Reverse Osmosis systems, visit and see the different models

Steps to Store RO water for long times 

If you are low on budget and can’t afford to buy an RO unit, you can get it from the municipal RO plant and store it in your house. A few things must be kept in mind if you are going to store the drinking water for a longer duration. 

The vessel must be clean and close.

The vessel shouldn’t be placed under direct sunlight.

An ideal way to store the water is on the countertop for easy access and out of the reach of children.

You can easily store the RO water for drinking purposes by following the simple step.

You can prefer the RO drinking water for storing in a 25 ml water bottle. An ideal family of 5 needs to use 100ml water for drinking water. The first step is to sterilize the bottle and make it air-tight. Now get water from Reverse Osmosis System and store the water in it.

What is the difference between deionized and Distilled water?

Average consumers are always confused about deionized and distilled water. Deionized water is pure water with no ions, minerals, or other healthy components, while distilled water is free of contaminants but contains many beneficial ingredients like ions and metals. The deionized water is unfit for drinking and is majority used in research work and laboratories. On the contrary, distilled water is safe for drinking and has no serious health concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days can RO water be stored?

RO water can be stored from 7 days to 8 weeks without losing its quality and integrity of the water. Are you going to buy bottled water for safe drinking water? Bottled water is a good option for water problems, but it will be pretty expensive to buy it every time you want to drink water. The other option is having an RO filter plant or getting water from it and drinking water by storing RO water.

How long does ro water last in a container?

The water container if is closed can be safe to store the drinking water from 7 days to 60 days. You need to keep the water for up to 60-90 days, and you won’t be got any smell or taste difference in it. 

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